Review: ‘How I Found You’ by Gabriella Lepore

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars


‘Sixteen-year-old Rose arrives at sleepy, remote Millwood expecting to spend a quiet summer with her aunt and uncle on their estate.
But after a series of dark and disturbing dreams, and the surprise arrival of charming brothers Oscar and Caicus Valero, her world is thrown upside-down. What are the brothers hiding? And what is it about Oscar that is so familiar? Before the summer is out, Rose will be forced to confront her destiny, even if it means facing the demon of her dreams.’

As every summer, Rose is leaving boarding school to spend the summer holiday with her aunt, uncle and little nephew in the quiet little village of Millwood. Her parents are photographers and are once again working far away on an assignment. While she is settling in and trying to figure out the strange and disturbing dreams she has been having lately, two strangers suddenly appear at the front door and make themselves at home. Rose is baffled by the lack of objection from her aunt and uncle and a series of unexpected discoveries and events is set in motion.

Before picking up this book I have heard good things about the author Gabriella Lepore. I enjoyed her take on witches in this book and the slow build up at the beginning is great, but I feel that the events towards the end are a bit rushed, which took the tension out a little. It is also a shame that Caicus’ character wasn’t developed more. I think a bit of his journey from who he was at the beginning to who he is at the end of the book would have been interesting. What I really enjoyed though is the way Caicus and Oscar act and talk when alone.

Nevertheless, it’s a lovely read and I enjoyed the story. I’m looking forward to reading more from Gabriella Lepore.


2 thoughts on “Review: ‘How I Found You’ by Gabriella Lepore

  1. Nice review. I must confess I have also read a book by this author and i really enjoyed it. I put up a review on it yesterday here . If you want to be part of the tour for the book be sure to sign up so you get a copy to review. Also if you have twitter tweet your review to the author so she can retweet it and get people to come visit your blog. (sorry information overload)

    Nice review anyway.


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