Review: ‘Dreaming of Antigone’ by Robin Bridges

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars


Blurb: ‘Andria’s twin sister, Iris, had adoring friends, a cool boyfriend, a wicked car, and a shelf full of soccer trophies. She had everything, in fact—including a drug problem. Six months after Iris’s death, Andria is trying to keep her grades, her friends, and her family from falling apart. But stargazing and books aren’t enough to ward off her guilt that she—the freak with the scary illness and all-black wardrobe—is still here when Iris isn’t. And then there’s Alex Hammond. The boy Andria blames for Iris’s death. The boy she’s unwittingly started swapping lines of poetry and secrets with, even as she tries to keep hating him.

Heartwrenching, smart, and bold, Dreaming of Antigone is a story about the jagged pieces that lie beneath the surface of the most seemingly perfect life…and how they can fit together to make something wholly unexpected.’

‘Dreaming of Antigone’ by Robin Bridges is the story of Andria and how she is trying to cope with the aftermath of her twin sisters death. The book deals with a lot of issues that might make some people feel uncomfortable while reading, including drug addiction and sexual abuse, but it also includes some mythology and beautiful poetry. At the beginning, Andria doesn’t seem to be coping as well as her friends and family seem to do, but when she starts exchanging poetry with someone at her school, she seems to lighten up. Soon after though, everything seems to crumble around her when the true circumstances of her twin sister Iris’ death come to light.
I really enjoyed the book and all the different emotions that it brought up throughout. It included interesting characters, dealt with serious issues and the story held my attention all the way through. I am not sure whether there is a sequel planned, but it would be great to find out how Andria has moved on after everything that happened. Would definitely recommend this book!

I have have received this book through NetGalley!

Expected publication: March 29th 2016



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