The Happy Book Club ~ October Package


The Happy Book Club ~ October Package

Last monty I was lucky and won one of the Happy Book Clubs subscription package. It arrived today and it’s so cute!



This month’s Theme is Imagination! 

Both books supplied in this package are a perfect fit for this months theme and I am already looking forward to sharing them with my niece and nephew.


‘The Wonder’ by Faye Hanson

This is a story about a boy whose head is always full of wonder. We follow him on an average-seeming school day, where his daydreams transform the world around him. Unfortunately lots of other people – the park keeper, the bus driver, the lollipop lady – all tell him to get his head out of the clouds. It is only in art class that he realises he can bring the wonder out of his head for the whole world to enjoy.


‘Use Your Imagination’ by Nicola O’Byrne

Rabbit is bored. What shall he do? Luckily, Wolf has the perfect solution. “Why not write a story?” he suggests. Rabbit thinks this is a great idea! And so Wolf teaches Rabbit to use his imagination to create the perfect story with lots of exciting props and interesting characters. Rabbit is desperate to know what happens next when it suddenly becomes clear that Wolf is very hungry —uh-oh, so that’s how the story ends. But Wolf hasn’t reckoned on Rabbit’s excellent imagination. . . .


The package also includes some activity suggestions and and a little bag of crafts. Make something creative out of it and be in to win a prize!


All together a lovely package and  I will definitely order more in the future!

The Happy Book Club Website:


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